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Buy Reviews On Yelp FaceBook Google With TripAdvisor TrustPilot

Welcome to our online reviews management service. Online reviews are a great way to promote your business and enhance your brand awareness. To many people, online reviews are the same as recommendations from friends on the value your business offers.

It is also very true that the majority of people look at online reviews before making a decision to buy your product. Everyone wants assurance that your products are really as good as you claim in your adverts and the best way to achieve this is to consider what others thought of your products and services after paying for and using them.

Online Reviews Management

Online Reviews for SEO

Online reviews also contribute to your SEO. Google is continuously updating its software, and if you were to search for some commercial product on Google, you’ll find some of the products with most reviews appearing among the very first results.

You are also likely to get a section dedicated to “What others said about this product” and one or two reviews will be included. Naturally, as human beings, we like to copy each other and that means that when people see your positive reviews, they will also be likely to love your product. Everyone wants to associate themselves with what others are using and benefitting from.

Our Online Reviews Service

Many companies have realized the huge impact that online reviews have on creating brand awareness and increasing sales and today, more than ever before, companies are investing in online review management services like ours to provide quality reviews and spread a good name for their company.

It is also important to note that negative reviews can be important too as they bring out a sense of reality. Having only positive reviews on your site all with 5-star ratings is a sure red flag and it will reveal that they are unnatural. You can’t have all your customers loving you and be 100% satisfied with your product or service. Many companies are also now realizing this fact and they are also requesting to have a few 1-star ratings on their reviews for them to appear natural.


With our skilled writers, we’ll be able to convince any reader that your products are top notch and highly beneficial. It is funny when you find some products having five start reviews from “customers” who can’t spell a single word correctly. That is the effect of paying for poor services. With our online reviews management service however, you will be sure to get expert reviews that will convince a good number of customers to opt for your service.

Balanced Reviews

We are also able to balance both positive and negative reviews in a considerable ratio like 75:25, or 85:15.It would appear odd and unreal to have all reviews praising your service as the best option and rating 5 stars. Google would definitely flag such reviews and that would be bad for business.

Apart from Google, we also share the reviews for your products on a number of other sites as you will see below; Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot and so on. So regardless of your niche in business, you can count on our service to provide you with quality reviews that will be sure to attract more customers to your site.

The Importance of Online Reviews

Our job is to level the playing field with your competitors and put you at a position where other customers will notice you and want to try you out. Waiting for customers to actually buy your brand and recommend you to their friends is the honest way to go about it, but it doesn’t always work efficiently.

You may end up waiting for ages before your product finally becomes visible and your sales hit the roof. However, with our service, you will be sure to achieve this easily and attract more customers your way.

Of course, there are risks associated with this approach, like Google discovering that you are buying online reviews. That is why our team only employs the best strategies for the reviews to appear natural and not at all cooked up. Our reviews will serve their intended purpose and anyone who comes across them will automatically swear that your brand is the best and they will even be sure to recommend you to their colleagues.

The benefits of using our online reviews management service include:

Increased Purchases due to social proof

It is a proven fact that good reviews drive more purchases. Reviews act as proof of your positive impact on society and this drives more people to want to experience the benefits of your offer. No one likes to be the first one to try something out and that is why new brands normally rise rather slowly.

People do not want to experiment on products but instead, they want to use what has already been tested and approved. That is the beauty of online reviews and why they are so important. As long as a prospective customer has seen that others loved your product, that is enough to nudge them to buy from you and that will increase your sales.

Increased visibility

Online reviews have a huge impact on SEO. This is how it works. People searching for products to buy normally go to search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines have the strategies they use to rank websites on their results.

Popular brands tend to appear on the first page of Google as they are more popular. When you continuously get positive reviews from customers, Google’s algorithm picks you up easily and realizes that you are valuable. That way, they will want to place you at a position where others will easily find you, thus improving your exposure which boosts your business.


Positive reviews have a way of building trust with your prospective customers. An interesting finding is that many customers tend to trust brands with ratings of higher than 4 stars. That means that the competition is very stiff out there and if you are to maximize your profits, you need to have many people praising you, and that is what we offer with our online reviews service.

People want to associate themselves with only the best brands as they can trust them to deliver perfect quality and reduce the chances of disappointments. When we leave positive reviews about your brand and explain how much value your product adds to customers, you’ll be sure to attract more of them to buy from you.

More conversations about you

More reviews for you, whether positive or negative attract more reviews from others. When you have let’s say 100 customers rating you 5 stars, You can be sure that the rest of the people seeing those reviews will be likely to try you out too and they will also be prompted to give their own reviews.

Everyone has their own experience with products so you can be sure that what one says about you is not exactly what someone else will experience. Let’s say for example that we write on your product review that the packaging on your product is superb and stylish. When other customers try you out, you can be sure to get an addition on that review from others like maybe saying, “I got their product and I loved the many colors they come with. My friends loved them too.” Or you can also get others saying, “I loved their quality customer service and their prompt delivery.”

The thing is when others read your reviews, they are prompted to put up their own reviews after trying you out and they share them on places like Facebook, Yelp and so on. This is an added advantage for you, as Google will get the information from such sites and use it to rank you on their results pages, further increasing your audience reach.

An open line to customers

Today as more customers post their reviews, they also expect the companies to respond to those comments. In that way, online reviews provide an open line of communication with customers, which builds trust. Normally, when we make the first step of posting positive reviews about your products, we attract more customers to do the same since they will have no way of telling us that our reviews are not from real customers.

Once new customers start giving their own reviews, you will get the opportunity to engage them in real communication and this is good for your brand. In short, our initial reviews will start a chain reaction that will take your brand to a better position to be considered by other customers globally.

Also, when other customers realize that your brand is actually responding to comments, they will be more likely to engage with you and this will greatly boost your business. In case some customers are dissatisfied with certain aspects of your company, they can also give their views about it and that way you will know the areas to improve on.

All these will be the benefits of taking the first step with us to open avenues of communication between your company and your perspective, and existing, customers. Do not also forget that more mentions for you mean more exposure as search engines will pick you out and rank you higher on their SERPs.

Online Reviews Management Service

Easier decision making

We have already established that online reviews enhance customers’ decision making. The majority of customers today are checking online reviews to know what others think of certain products before making the decision to buy them. By setting the conversation about your products started we make it easier for new customers to make the crucial decision of buying from you.

Since we’ll also have posted positive reviews highlighting the benefits that your products offer their customers, undecided customers will also trust you more and they will be more comfortable buying from you. It is a proven fact that many people will prefer to buy a product that others have already tried and been satisfied with rather than trying out new products without an assurance of contentment.

Impacting sales

The overall benefit of online reviews is that they have a direct impact on sales. As more people get to know about your products and the benefit they offer, they will obviously select you over other companies and this means more sales for you. Online reviews mean a greater online presence for you and this makes it easier to reach the wide online market and encourage them to buy from you. That is the benefit of online reviews and the reason why our service is so important for your business growth.

Buy Google Reviews

Google is one of the most trusted resources and the majority of people resort to Google searches before deciding on the most ideal product to settle for. A research by Harvard has also shown that a rise in Google ranking has a considerable effect on sales and revenue generated. Google is, therefore, a very important resource when it comes to online businesses.

You need to have a Google place or business page in order for such reviews to work for you. Google reviews normally appear on the first page of Google search results so if you have individuals searching for your product, with many positive reviews then you will be sure to attract a good chunk of those users to your page thus promoting your sales.

To use our service, all you need is to email us your business name, and a few keywords that you prefer us to talk about. Examples could be such as; ‘Great designed packaging’, ‘awesome choice for families’, ‘Long-lasting effect’, and so on.

You could also include a few of the negative aspects that your product may have so that the reviews can appear balanced and more believable by the readers. Having provided us with all the necessary details, you can expect our team to begin the posting of your reviews and you will see them on your Google page in less than 24 hours.

Buy Negative Google Reviews

Companies have come to realize that negative reviews are also important when it comes to building any brand. Having everyone commenting only positive reviews about your product is simply unreal as it is impossible to satisfy all the interests of your customers. By including a few 1-star ratings on your products, we give a balanced view of your product and the customers will be able to efficiently balance your merits and demerits.

You should not, however, worry much that the negative reviews will lead to a decrease in your attraction of new customers. Although we encourage the inclusion of a few negative reviews on your products, these are only for the sake of achieving balance and not to try to divert your customers elsewhere.

Our team is experienced in creating reviews and our experience with human behavior also enables us to contemplate the effect of our product comments on readers. As such, our presentation is effective and at the end of the day, we will still have achieved the purpose of attracting customers to buy from you.

Buy Facebook Reviews

Facebook is another credible source of information frequented by customers looking for the best products to buy. It is also a community bringing together people from diverse communities, all offering useful advice to one another.

Facebook is, therefore, a perfect place to run marketing campaigns and reach a good number of people that you could convert to your customers. Depending on your kind of brand and the kind of market you are after, we are your best option to get through to them.

Our team is made up of professionals from various fields and ages and we know how to communicate to any demography. Once you have given us the benefits that you’d like us to highlight, we will be able to craft excellent reviews that will put your brand in the good eyes of a vast majority of your intended market.

Due to the many people visiting Facebook daily, you will be sure that getting them to talk about you will take minimal effort, especially with our experienced team.

Buy Negative Facebook Reviews

Facebook, however, has strict restrictions against paying for Facebook reviews. Lucky for you, we are aware of the ins and outs of the process and we are able to use the right approach to ensure that your strategies are not discovered. A good way that we do this is by not ignoring negative reviews. Like we said before, it is unnatural having everyone giving a good word about you. Facebook also knows this very well and they are always keen to follow up on reviews that don’t seem natural.

We keep a ratio of 85% for positive reviews and 15% for negative reviews. That way, we maintain a reasonable balance that will stay under Facebook’s radar and end up convincing a good number of customers to buy from you. Another way that Facebook is able to narrow down on accounts paying for reviews is by checking the authenticity of the reviews.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to have 20 likes on your Facebook page and 100 reviews. We put this point into consideration in posting our reviews so you can be sure that with our strategy, you will get the most benefit without risk of being flagged and penalized.

Buy TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor has always been a favorite destination for travelers and tourists looking for the best destinations and hotels to book. Since most travelers are looking to visit and stay in places where they will get maximum benefit, few people will consider staying in hotels that have lower than 4 stars. No one wants to sleep on dirty bedsheets and use blocked toilets.

Hotels with no reviews are also not preferred by many travelers as they cannot be sure what they are going to find there. That is where our company comes in. Our team will put up proper reviews on TripAdvisor for your hotel and we will put you in good light, making you a favorite destination for travelers. You can rely on our online reviews service to increase the number of visitors you get to your hotel and the profit you are able to generate.

Buy Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

When it comes to hotels and touring services, you can be sure that the competition is stiff and only the best man will win. As such, we can also provide negative reviews on your competitors’ pages to discredit them and pull more customers your way.

We can even cleverly suggest your hotel services on such pages and recommend you to other travelers. We will however not be too obvious as to appear as paid saboteurs. You can be sure that your hand in the whole process will be purely invisible and we will only appear as disgruntled visitors. That way, you will get the benefits of holding your competitors down and attracting more visitors to experience your services, thus increasing your sales.

Buy Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a popular platform for customers where they get to give their reviews on various companies. It is an open platform and any business can be listed on them. Just like with Google, many customers go to the TrustPilot page to check out reviews on various products before making decisions to spend their money on them. Having positive reviews on Trustpilot goes a long way in attracting more customers to use your company.

By using our reviews service, you can be sure to have a number of positive reviews on TrustPilot from our experienced team and you will beat many of your competitors in convincing more people to opt for your company. You can get up to 500 positive reviews from our company and you will be able to notice the effect of this by noticing an increase in your web traffic and the sales you will get to generate.

Buy Negative TrustPilot Reviews

Like we said before, as much as we’d like to concentrate on the positive aspects of a product, we also realize that negative reviews also have an impact. Not everyone will want to go for a product with all positive 5-star reviews as there is the sense that those could have been paid for. We know how to create balance by including a few negative reviews that will show that you are also human and with room for improvement.

However, our negative reviews are not structured to chase away customers from you. For example, we can put up a negative comment like, ‘The package I received from your service was rather small and I would appreciate an increase in size.’ You see such a review could be negative and could even give you 3 stars. However, it is not enough to drive customers away from you as that will only appear to be one person’s preference and not an issue of quality.

Buy Yelp Reviews

Yelp is a popular site visited by millions of customers monthly. Creating a Yelp account is quite easy and if you do not have one already it would be a good move to create one. That way, you will get to advertise yourself to a whole lot of online communities and their reviews on your service delivery will also greatly contribute to the success of your business.

You can buy Yelp reviews from our service to put out a good word about you and lead to attracting many people to your service. Many customers will feel more secure paying for a product or service that others have used and loved as they will be sure not to encounter many disappointments with it. Since it would be difficult to put out a good word for yourself and having a service that can create thousands of positive reviews about you will surely do you a great advantage.

By paying for our service you can have a good number of positive Yelp reviews streaming in at a good rate exposing you to many customers and attracting them to buy from you. Again we wouldn’t want the reviews to appear as paid for and so we will not post them all at once – that would be a direct giveaway that any keen eye would notice and distrust you. The reviews will come in at a considerable rate such that they appear to be coming from your satisfied customers thus being effective.

Buy Negative Yelp Reviews

We can also offer negative reviews for your competitors thus dissuading their customers from buying from them. This may sound like a rogue approach, and it indeed is, but as you know about business, it is a competitive world where only the strong one will survive. If you are business-minded and looking to have an edge over your competitors, then you can count on our service to get you on top and win yourself a good number of customers to drive your brand in the right direction.


Online reviews are one of the most effective strategies for the success of any brand. Whether you get them naturally or pay for them, you cannot deny the effect they have in persuading or dissuading customers about your brand.

By opting for our online reviews service, you can be sure to be working with a professional online team that will lead to you getting the highest number of customers and putting your company at your customers’ fingertips. Buy our online review management service today and get to witness first-hand the impact and value that online reviews can have on the success of your company.

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